July 9, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send my payment?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank deposit/transfer: BPI, BDO, Metrobank
  • Remittance: Cebuana Lhuillier, M. Lhuillier, LBC Express, Palawan Pawnshop
  • Credit Card*: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (via Paypal)
  • Other: GCash, Paypal*, meet-up**

*Paypal and credit card transactions are subject to a 5% surcharge
**meet-ups are at any MRT/LRT station or connecting mall, +100php delivery charge

How many days will it take for my item to arrive?

Long answer: All orders paid for before 12:00 noon will be processed the same, and delivered after 1-3 days. All orders paid for after 12:00 noon will be shipped the following day, and delivered after 2-4 days. Shipping and deliveries are done from Monday to Saturday. We do not ship/deliver on Sundays and some non-working holidays. For some very remote areas, normal delivery terms may not apply, and delivery time may be subject to 1 additional day.

Short answer: 1-4 days in most cases, 2-5 days if you pay on a Saturday afternoon.

Do you deliver to my area?

Our courier services are handled by LBC Express Inc. If you have an LBC branch in your area, we can ship to you, or, if you prefer, send our products for you to pick up at your nearest LBC branch at your convenience.

What is the status of the item I ordered?

You can track the status of your parcel by entering the LBC tracking number you were provided with on this page. If you were not give a tracking number or if you believe you were given the wrong tracking number, contact us.

The item I received is damaged/defective; what should I do?

Send us a text/email describing the nature of the problem. If the item is damaged or defective, just ship it back to the sender address indicated on the package. Make sure to take note of the cost of your shipping the item; we will credit the amount to your account, which you can deduct from the price of any future purchases.

The item I purchased failed during the warranty period, what should I do?

Follow the steps indicated in the paragraph above.

I am interested in purchasing multiple items, can I get a discount?

We can offer a discount to customers purchasing in bulk. For more information, please contact us through any of our numbers or send an email to v@voyager-trading.com.


Do you offer Cash-On-Delivery?

Because of the volume of orders we process everyday, and the unpredictable nature of Metro Manila traffic, we unfortunately cannot offer a “door-to-door Cash-on-Delivery (COD)” option. We do, however, offer COD on meet-ups, which we can do at any MRT, LRT, or LRT2 station, or connecting mall, for an additional charge.

Why the additional 100php?

We prefer shipping via our trusted courier LBC. It’s cheaper, less time consuming, and requires less manpower. We do offer COD meet-ups for our customers who prefer it, or really need the item immediately and cannot wait for LBC’s next-day delivery. We charge an additional 100php to cover our extra costs and manpower for meet-ups.

Do you do COD meet-ups outside Metro Manila?

No, we do not have any physical presence outside Metro Manila. As stated above, our meet-ups are limited to MRT/LRT/LRT2 stations and connecting malls.


Is my data secure?

This site is protected by 2048-bit encryption, and credit card payments are processed through a trusted offsite payment gateway (PayPal). Your data is safe with us.