Laptop Battery Power Cycle

Sometimes, right after installing a new battery, a laptop may appear to shut down prematurely, or it may stay powered on hours after it reported that the battery was nearly empty. These issues arise when a laptop is not reporting or recognizing the actual charge level of a battery.

In these cases, it isn’t the battery itself that has a problem, it’s just that the laptop hasn’t learned how to accurately gauge the charge level of the new battery, and thus is reporting an incorrect charge level. This may be solved by calibration. You can use your laptop built-in calibration tool if it has one; otherwise you can try to calibrate manually:

1.) Power down the computer.
2.) Unplug the wall adapter.
3.) Uninstall the battery.
4.) Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
5.) Re-install the battery.
6.) Plug in the wall adapter.
7.) Turn on the computer.

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